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The occupational qualification of adult educator in Estonia

The development of Estonian qualification system began on request of the Government of the Republic of Estonia in 1998, when Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry established a Qualification Reform Team and the first occupational qualification standards were devised. Since 2001, the occupational qualification system has been developed by Estonian Qualification Authority (Kutsekoda). Since 2008 the occupational qualifications system is governed by the Professions Act.

 The development of the occupational standard of an adult educator began in the early 2000s and the first qualification certificates were issued to andragogues in 2004. The right to award the qualification of adult educator was given to Estonian Association of Estonian Adult Educators Andras (AEAE Andras), who established a professional committee, involving the leading experts in the field. First occupational standard was knowledge-based. For the implementation of a competence-based occupational standard, a new version was developed and the already existing three levels (III – V) were supplemented by level II (2007).

In November 2011 four new occupational standards of adult educator were approved which are now fully compatible with the eight-level comprehensive qualification framework valid in Estonia. Since 2012 AEAE Andras awards occupational qualifications of adult educator at levels five, six, seven and eight.

So far 391 professional certificates of adult educators have been issued.

The occupational standard of an adult educator in English

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Estonian Association of Estonian Adult Educators Andras (AEAE Andras)
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