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Post-School Education and Training - Information on Options for Adults and School Leavers with Disabilities

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This booklet provides general information about post-school education and training options and supports for people with disabilities.

A wide range of programmes and supports in post-school education and training is available for people with disabilities. These generally aim to assist people with disabilities;-

- in accessing education and training appropriate to their needs,

- in making the transition from schools and in progressing successfully through the various post-school pathways in further and higher education and training.

Various pathways are available. The individual’s choice needs to be accurately informed about the availability and suitability of the various options and supports.

Many providers offer these services and supports around the country. Relevant education and training services are provided in distinct sectors which may be broadly categorised as:

- Further education.

- Vocational training.

- Higher education.

- Rehabilitative training.

- Adult day services.

Within each of these, a range of education/training services and special supports is relevant to people with disabilities. Detailed information on these services is available from individual providers.

These services are provided by various bodies such as the higher education institutions, Educational and Training Boards (ETBs) or the Health Service Executive (HSE). The services may be directly delivered by the relevant State bodies or delivered by contractors or not-for-profit organisations engaged by some of these bodies. There are differences in service delivery arrangements, nationally and locally, and some of these services are currently being reorganised.

Variation and complexity in organisational arrangements and provision of services and supports, may make it difficult for individuals to fully understand the options on offer which best meet their specific needs.

This booklet generally summarises key features of the main programmes and supports for people with disabilities in each of the sectors, provides links to more detailed web site sources and indicates where more information may be obtained.


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National Council for Special Education (NCSE)
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