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Perspectives of policy makers on EU and on youth active citizenship

Young people, and the problems facing them as a cohort, as defined in the national and local youth policy documents, are generally framed in similar ways across the eight countries, with notable national exceptions. Integration into the labour market, adequate training, avoiding crime and addiction, mitigating the effects of economic exclusion, socialization through sport, and young people’s contributions to future national economic and cultural life are repeated themes of these documents. To a large extent young people are viewed as vulnerable and in need of protection, but also as potentially problematic if not managed properly, and as national assets. Unsurprisingly, the expert interviewees from civil society organisations,youth policy spheres, local and national government provide a more complex picture of youth policy, of young people as a group, and of the possible solutions to problems facing youth. They do so by explaining the histories behind certain national and local policies and perceptions of young people and by pointing at risks and paradoxes in practical youth policy work and youth work. Based on our comparative analysis we are suggesting five recommendations in order to improve the progress of your policies.

8 Countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the UK

112 policy makers, youth organizations’ representatives, and public officials

Interviews and policy documents analysis and 5 key recommendations

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Erik Amnå
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