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Learn for Success (L4S) an interview with 2 adult learners

Miri Wael, is a young man from Syria, he arrived in Luxembourg in January of 2016. He has a Masters in Information Technology Engineering. Since his arrival, he has been taking French courses and has gone through the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. To accompany his French studies, he joined the L4S for additional coaching in his learning process. He is learning French in order to be able to attend the University of Luxembourg. He is very focussed on obtaining a PhD in Engineering. He would like to live and work here in Luxembourg.


Saskia Daguenet, is a French native, working in Luxembourg since 2007. She worked as a secretary /translator mainly in the languages French and Dutch. Due to restructuration, in 2013, she lost her job. In order to increase her employability, Saskia took up German courses. She joined the L4S to help her prepare for the civil servant exam in Luxembourg. Today she is a Luxembourgish civil servant and continues to attend the L4S to improve her proficiency in professional French communication. She has recommended the L4S to a polish friend of hers.


The Learn for Success (L4S) workshops are in place to support adults in their learning process. The goal is to enable adults gain in employability.

Implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning in Luxembourg 2012-2014.

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