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Boosting the digital transition through lifelong learning

Today the technological development, and now also the Covid-19 pandemic, challenge the existing practices and test how well society and professional groups respond to change. Lifelong learning has stepped into our workplaces and our lives by reclaiming its well-deserved right to be prioritised. The European Skills Agenda 2020 and the recent European Council Conclusion also point to the importance of “reskilling and upskilling as a basis for increasing sustainability and employability, in the context of supporting economic recovery and social cohesion.” The report, which we present as the outcome of this cooperation, provides an insight into some inspiring initiatives from the Nordic countries. These initiatives point out the importance of cross border collaboration between different stakeholders to better match the demand with the supply of courses. Moreover, there is a growing interest in learning together and in supporting the digital leadership. Lastly, the report finds that the provision of lifelong learning and continuing education offers many advantages for both higher education institutions and society. They build important bridges between education, research, and the business sector, in particular when addressing the digital and green transformation.

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Hanne Smidt
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Studies en rapporten
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Distance learning during COVID-19.
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