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Viešoji įstaiga "Švietimo, tyrimų ir konsultacijų centras" (Education, Research & Consultancy Center -ERCC)


Education, Research & Consultancy Center (ERCC) was founded in the year 2006 as the consortium of higher education lecturers with the aim to provide research, consultancy and training for enterprises, non-governmental organizations and public institutions. The main activities of ERCC is youth & adult education, conducting research, implementation students' internships in business companies and other organisations. ERCC psychologists work with socially and geographically disadvantaged groups of society: people with mental illness, NEETs, children and young people without both or one parent, living in the conditions of violence, poverty.

Youth & adult education. ERCC professionals and freelance trainers conduct practical workshops on the following topics – effective communication, conflict and problems solving, team building, creative thinking, time management, leadership, project management, generational issues, mindfulness and many others. In our trainings we are using participative and experiential teaching methods such as role play, storytelling, simulation, world cafe, coaching. Also we like creative and unusual teaching methods – art therapy, guided imagery, exercises with therapeutic dogs, games, coaching techniques. ERCC team is always looking for new teaching methods for youth and adults. Half of ERCC educators has PhD degree.

Research. ERCC has capacity to conduct quantitative and qualitative scientific research. The ERCC team is most experienced in conducting qualitative research by using such methods as semi-structured interview, focus groups, observation ant other. Researchers of the organization participate in many EU projects. They are active in various national and international conferences with scientific presentations, articles in scientific journals. Very often, research carried out during projects becomes the subject of scientific articles and at the same time contributes to the dissemination of the project.

Internships. Already 15 years ERCC acts as mobility projects' expert in Western Lithuania. Organisation is the largest organiser of internships in the area under previous Leonardo da Vinci and current Erasmus+ programmes. ERCC arranges workplaces, studies, visits and training in the business companies in the following fields: information technologies (3D Printing, web design), maritime, hotels, catering (including molecular cuisine course), massage, cosmetics, inclusive education.

Majority members of the organization’s team have higher psychological education. They are the most active in ERCC:

  • Participate in EU projects related to NEETS, mental illness, unemployed women, mindfulness;
  • Lead training, workshops seminars for socially disadvantaged and/or mentally disabled people;
  • Implement research, survey;
  • Organise internships on the topic of inclusive education.

ERCC cooperates with academic world as well. We have cooperation agreements with Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences, Klaipeda Science and Technology Park. ERCC accepts students from university to make work internship in the organisation's office.

Another topic of ERCC educators and researchers: tourism and intergenerational education. 

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