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Our project intends to implement the theoretical model of embodied cognition within the school context (primary P1-P7 and junior secondary school), by transferring the principles and best practices of an “unstructured” didactic model, aimed to create stimulating and inclusive learning environments and to improve the development of cognitive skills in children. 

The target is identified in the teachers of the different member states that will be able to build paths of “unstructured” didactic for their own specific subject. The two-step project foresees an online training program where teachers will receive the theoretical and experiential bases to develop and implement unstructured teaching paths (Step 1) and a best practice sharing to facilitate cultural and contextual exchange, through a digital platform (Step 2).  

The methodology will focus on embodied cognition and enactivism, based on the assumption that the body influences cognition, as the body itself is an active part of the cognitive process.  In enactivism, thinking and cognition are grounded in bodily actions: “it is not knowledge-as-object but knowledge-as-action” (Begg, 2000). Through a “body in action”, learning exists beyond verbal and linguistic codes, stimulating new and creative ways of learning. An unstructured approach allows children to enhance their creative, communicative and motor skills. 

In order to develop an unstructured teaching path, it is necessary to combine the knowledge of the principles of the embodied cognition, the practice of stimulating activities such as imagination, creativity and motor skills and the flexibility and context analysis skills. Thanks to the sharing of best practices across Europe, it will be possible to experience different ways to create new learning environments and to be aware about different impacts on children according to cultural, social and personal background, enhancing a learner-centered approach. (Impact on Erasmus Priority School Education: Tackling learning disadvantage, early school leaving and low proficiency in basic skills; Development of key competences; Developing high quality early childhood education and care systems); (Impact on Erasmus Cross Priority Inclusion and Diversity). 

PARTNER: We are looking for Universities, Associations of School Principals, School Networks (at least 4 countries participating in the program)  

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Partnership Details
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Entropy Knowledge Network srl
We are looking for Universities, Associations of School Principals, School Networks (at least 4 countries participating in the program)  
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