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Is there a link between Vocational Education & Training and Early School Leavers?

A previous study carried out by PKF on the Maltese female participation in the workforce indicated that despite the female participation rate being alarmingly low when compared to the EU average; it was noticeably high for females in the younger 15-24 age group, who should therefore have been furthering their education. This led to the present follow up study exploring the relationship between ESL and VET. It must be disclosed at the outset, that limited data was available through official sources and this must be taken into consideration when examining the results.

Due to limited data available online, collection of data was gathered specifically for the study by means of a survey distributed both online via survey software as well as in person amongst students attending VET courses. Since MCAST is Malta’s leading champion and pioneer of VET courses, PKF collaborated with MCAST for the purposes of collecting data for this study.


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