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Collaboration between the various social institutions for increased recruitment to adult education and paths to the world of work – a mapping study

The Swedish National Agency for Education's mandate includes representing Sweden in the work to implement the European agenda for adult learning. Within the framework of the European Agenda for Adult Learning 2014-2015, Sweden will contribute with examples of effective collaboration forms in adult learning, with a view to primarily improve and streamline recruitment to adult education, as well as the continued path into the workplace. Adult education refers to the three types of schools, municipal education for adults at a basic level (Komvux), special education for adults at a basic level.

This report is a mapping of how interactions between different actors in basic adult education take place. The report describes the extent to which adult education interacts with different social institutions, such as municipal administrations or businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. The focus is primarily on how adult education reaches out to its target audience (with limited previous education), how they are captured by the municipal recruitment process and what organisational solutions or practices apply.

The purpose of the mapping study is to help increase the knowledge base of how collaboration between different actors within adult education takes place, and describe how effective coordination of efforts between the municipality's adult education and other operations functions, to ultimately in-crease the accessibility and the adaptation of adult education to the needs of the target group.

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The Swedish National Agency for Education
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