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UGAIN: Urban gardens for social integration of migrants

The learning resources presented here have been developed through an ERASMUS+ project for adult education entitled “UGAIN: Urban gardens for social integration of migrants” (Project Nº:2017-1-DE02-KA204-004151) carried out between 2017 and 2020.

The UGAIN project provides NGOs, local government and new or existing community garden managers with the training and support to transform a green space into a meeting point for local people and migrants, fostering social integration and cultural exchange. 

Our training material is aimed at garden managers interested in creating community building spaces for intercultural, inclusive and ecological coexistence. With UGAIN everyone gains from integration! 

UGAIN has developed a web-based app where you can access to all our training materials which are available in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and Swedish. Through our learning platform you will be able to: 

1. Get new ideas how to transform urban and community gardens into meeting points for social integration and guidance for migrants.

2. Gain knowledge and experience from selected best practices across Europe.

3. Establish a common ground for interaction between all gardeners regardless their background, which will help grow cultural understanding and acceptance.

4. Find suggestions how to empower migrants by providing them with the information and skills that will make them more attractive to potential employers and allow them better access to social services in their country.

The training resources you will find are the following:

SUMMARY REPORT: here you will find a detailed overview of the situation of urban gardens, social inclusion and the leadership and guidance of migrants in Europe. The report provides an overview of several individual garden projects in the five participating project countries, which have been analysed in more detail.

BEST PRACTICES: in this section a series of initiatives and effective activities in community gardens of five European countries were selected and illustrated in detail in order to offer the users of the learning platform the widest possible range of experiences and successful concepts. You will receive in-depth impressions of actual experiences of managers and users of community and intercultural gardens that are successfully implemented and managed. 

TRAINING MODULES: learning materials plenty of tips and suggestions on how to deal with relevant topics around the operation of community gardens and how to interact with the people involved. In addition to the prepared contents of the modules, there is an opportunity to self-test to see whether the learner has understood the contents or to reflect on how a community garden project can benefit best from the information in the modules.

COUNTRY INFORMATION GUIDES: these documents provide managers of community gardens or related initiatives working with migrants, country-specific information and further links to institutions or organisations that offer expertise and help for inclusion work or provide information for the training and guidance of migrants in social projects.

For all components of the learning platform, information is provided in a comprehensive and user-friendly design and the materials can also be downloaded in PDF format.

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All members of UGAIN projects: Technische Universitaet Muenchen; On Projects; Foundation Association Anstiftung & Ertomis non-profit; Asociación Cantabria Acoge; Verein Gartenpolylog; Folkuniversitetet; Social Farms & Gardens
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