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Maths in Motion | Toolkit

The Maths in Motion Toolkit is a digital book for teachers and trainers about Embodied Learning for teaching mathematics. The Toolkit was collaboratively developed and field-tested by an international group of teachers, dancers, science communication experts, researchers, and mathematicians. The development took place between 2017 and 2019. All of the people involved shared the common perspective that dance and mathematics have something in common, and that dance would, therefore, be an excellent aid in mathematics education.Nowadays more and more students are struggling in math and have difficulties to comprehend and put in practice what they learn, the need for an inclusive, kinesthetic and engaging way of teaching is emerging. The idea behind the project is grounded in embodied cognition which proves that learning depends on the body as well as the brain (Robbins and Aydede, 2009). With embodied activities, the whole body is involved in the learning process instead of keeping it just on an intellectual level. This process opens up new horizons for students, teachers, and even parents by offering simultaneous experiences with the structural, spatial, rhythmic and symbolic dimensions of mathematics through body movement.Download the toolkit to:

  1. Learn more about Embodied Learning for Math education
  2. Access 6 Maths in Motion lesson plans
  3. Get insights into the results the Maths in Motion lesson plans had on students and teachers


Maths in Motion is a KA2 Erasmus+ project about how dance and body movement can be used as tools to teach mathematics. Maths in Motion is a strategic partnership that brought together people from the formal and non-formal education in order to work, explore and develop this new, creative and innovative method.

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