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Qualitative study with adults holding a low level of qualifications, awaiting or resuming training

The purpose of this study is to respond to a request made by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Ministry, under the directorate of International Relations[1], aimed at a qualitative study with adults holding a low level of qualifications, awaiting or resuming training, within Vocational Education - Training - Employment Areas.

This qualitative research was led in line with the ethos of our research centre, which places a focus on the "democratisation of training and knowledge". Consequently, we believe that any person wishing to learn or undergo training should be able to access a training programme so as to gain skills and competences necessary for themselves and their entourage. Focus is placed on the provision of resources which are meaningful for the individual and the surrounding environment (Faulx & Danse, 2015). This ethos is notably illustrated by upskilling in basic competences for as wide a population base as possible, combating social exclusion for vulnerable people, and assisting those who are at risk of poverty, which constitute a range of challenges faced by lifelong learning (UAFA, 2017).

[1] National Coordination Project (Erasmus+ project on key action 3, assistance for implementation and development of national policies).



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Patricia Vega Fernández (Researcher) Daniel Faulx (Supervisor)
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