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EPALE UK interview with Dr Ben Charles (Global Learning and Skills Partnership)

This video is from the series of interviews with Adult Education providers and professionals across the UK, that were conducted following the EPALE UK and the Learning & Work Institute's joint conference ‘Upskilling Pathways: implications for the adult learning'.


Global Learning & Skills Partnership is an an organisation that specialises in project development and management. It is driven by a single goal; to promote education for global citizenship to help bring about a more just, equitable and sustainable world to benefit all. GlaSP is involved European partnership working, with a focus on the Erasmus +  programme of the European Commission in the field of youth and adult education. 

Dr. Ben Charles has worked in education and training for many years. He taught at several colleges of further education, before joining a local authority as Deputy Head of Economic Development. He returned to further education as Head of Department, before returning to local government again, heading the lifelong learning services in 3 local authorities. Ben is very experienced in European partnership working project coordination, especially Erasmus + and its predecessor, the Lifelong Learning Programme. He is now Executive Director of Global Learning and Skills Partnership.

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Dr Ben Charles
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