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Increasing Adult Learning Participation : Learning from Successful Reforms

A part from the executive summary of the study is as followings:

"Policy-makers have long recognised that adults’ participation in learning is key to unlocking the benefits of a changing world of work. However, only two in five adults across the EU and OECD participate in education and training in any given year, according to the OECD Survey of Adults Skills (PIAAC). While much has been written about the need for progress in this area, it is less clear how adult learning participation can be increased in practice. Comparative research on adult learning policy has focused on identifying lessons from countries with highly developed adult learning systems and high participation rates, such as the Nordic countries. This report takes a different approach by analysing what made adult learning reforms succeed in six countries where participation in adult learning was not necessarily high, but did increase significantly over the past decades, i.e. Austria, Estonia, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands and Singapore.

This report is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 outlines the approach to this study including the methodology for the selection of countries and reforms. Chapter 2 investigates what other countries can learn from the nature of the reforms, how they were designed, funded and implemented, as well as how policy learning took place. Chapter 3 discusses adults’ participation in the selected reforms, and what other factors could have contributed to the observed increases in adult learning participation. Chapter 4 reviews indicators of success of adult learning reforms beyond participation".

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OECD (2020), Increasing Adult Learning Participation: Learning from Successful Reforms, Getting Skills Right, OECD Publishing, Paris
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