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Nordic Network for Adult Learning: Learning for everyone in a digital society

This report is prepared by the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL). NVL develops knowledge for decision makers and practitioners and promotes lifelong learning co-operation in the Nordic countries. NVL was established in 2005 by the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

Digitalization and digital integration of the Nordic region is a priority area in the Nordic co-operation, as expressed in the Presidency Programs over several years. In 2019, NVL decided to make a new effort in this area in line with Nordic strategies. A working group was established to analyse the current situation and policies, and make specific proposals for NVL’s future efforts in the field of digitalization and lifelong learning. 

The idea is that this report should work as a starting point for further discussions in each Nordic country as well as for a Nordic debate. These are scheduled to take place during 2020, with the aim to look for common issues and jointly agreed challenges related to digitalization where NVL could make a difference.

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Nordic Network for Adult Learning
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