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E3D+VET - An Innovative Methodology for the immersion of 3D printing in VET Centres

E3D+VET - ERASMUS3D+ For the immersion in 3D printing of VET centres (project number: 2017-1-DE02-KA202-004159) is a project involving six partners from different European countries: CEIPES (Italy), CETEM (Spain), STP (Slovenia), Pristálica (Spain), KIT (Germany) and SEMKA (Germany), funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnerships for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices).

The main purpose of the project is to train teachers by focusing on the acquisition of CAD modeling and 3D printing skills and including them in traditional teaching. The use of this technology in secondary schools will also improve students’ transversal educational skills.

Furthermore, it aims to enhance the concentration of students with Attention Deficit Disorder. At mid-term, it will feed an industry that is in high growth with future professionals, students natives of this fascinating technology. With this tool VET teachers are  able to create more effective education.

The project also aims to heighten the interest of students with Attention Deficit Disorder giving them the opportunity to learn through hands-on experience. Tangible results make the class more interesting, thus students become more creative and improve their transversal skills. Students are forced to think differently which leads them to be inventive.

In this regards the consortim partners created a lot of and different tools that are very useful for teachers and schools who want approching to this technology.

For more information, visit the website of the project by the following link: www.e3dplusvet.eu


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CEIPES – (Italia), CETEM – (Spagna), KIT (Germany), STP (Slovenia), SEMKA (Germany)
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