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National Geographic Online Courses

National Geographic Courses
National Geographic’s free online courses for educators equip teachers with useful tools to help them transform their classrooms. Through these courses, educators develop their own skills and knowledge so that they can encourage their students to adopt the mindset of a National Geographic Explorer. National Geographic online professional learning courses vary in their length and timetables. This means that busy educators can easily find a program that suits their needs.

Courses are open to any educator from anywhere in the world, whether they work with students in a formal or informal setting. On many of the NG courses, learners can earn graduate credits through our university partnerships.


  • Educator Certification
  • Connecting the geo-inquiry process to your teaching practice
  • Teaching global climate change in your classroom
  • Collecting data to explore plastic pollution in our communities
  • Mapping as a visualisation and communication tool in your classroom
  • Integrating service with learning goals
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