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Basic Andragogical Training for Prison Educators (BATPE) Curriculum

Basic Andragogical Training for Prison Educators Curriculum represents one of the intellectual outputs developed within the project Basic Andragogical Training for Prison Educators (BATPE) supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (project ID number: 2018-1-RS01-KA204-000433). Coordinator of the project is Serbian Association of Andragogists (SAA) from Belgrade (Serbia). The partners on the project are Koinè, the voluntary organization from San Felice a Cancello (Italy) and Gebze Public Education Center (GPEC) from Gebze (Turkey).

Basic Andragogical Training for Prison Educators Curriculum is dedicated to trainers who will be carrying out the BATPE training. The BATPE training is devoted to the educators that are engaged within educational affairs within correctional institutions – teachers for adult prisoners. The application of BATPE curriculum should help trainers to equip teachers that work in correctional institutions with required competencies needed for educational work with prisoners in optimal manner. These competencies refer to: psychology of learners in prisons; didactics; communicational and social aspects; professional and soft skills development; planning and organization; and evaluation and assessment.

Basic Andragogical Training for Prison Educators Curriculum has the following structure:

TOPIC: (particular prison educators’ competency)

SHORT CONTENT: Short theoretical framework that explains the purpose and the essence of what a trainer should explain to prison educators that are attaining the Basic Andragogical Training for Prison Educators.

GOALS: Specification of the educational goals referring particular prison educators’ competency.

OBJECTIVES: Specification of the educational objectives referring defined educational goal(s).

OUTCOMES: Specification of educational outcomes referring each defined educational objective.

THEORETICAL INPUTS: Detailed theoretical content which represents everything that trainer should present to prison educators attending BATPE. Theoretical inputs consist of previously realized content analysis of relevant literature and important findings delivered from the conducted empirical research within the BATPE project.

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Contributors at the BATPE project (Serbian Association of Andragogists, Gebze Public Education Center and Koine)
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