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Equity and social exclusion measures in EU lifelong learning policies

Abstract:"The aim of this article is to examine how EU lifelong learning policies aretrying to reach the vulnerable by looking at what measures against socialexclusion they offer and how equitable these measures are. It is a qualitativestudy that focuses on policy documents that form the European Union’s legaland political frameworks of reference in the lifelong learning area since 1992.The document analysis has been complemented by semi-structured interviewswith EU lifelong learning experts. The findings show that early schoolleavers and migrants are the main target groups in the policies, leavingmanyother groups at risk of being excluded from learning opportunities. There isnot enough attention to measures addressing wider social phenomena.There is also an overemphasis on basic skills which are understood in a verynarrow way as literacy and numeracy when referring to the vulnerable. Weargue that a greater variety of measures as well as better targeted measuresare needed to address the multiple and complex needs of the vulnerable.Such measures would allow a broader understanding of lifelong learningwhere those that are hardest to reach are offered learning opportunitiesindependent of their personal and social circumstances

Keywords: Equity; social exclusion measures; lifelong learning; vulnerable groups; EU"

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Tuparevska, Elena; Santibáñez, Rosa; Solabarrieta, Josu
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Studies en rapporten
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