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ESCAPE E-Book is an new approach to seniors digital education for E-Participation at EU level.

It represents tha main result of an Erasmus+ KA204 project.

"ESCAPE: Enhancing Seniors' Competencies for Active Participation in Europe" is a 24 months Erasmus+ KA204 project, involving 3 different organizations coming from Italy, Spain and France, working in 3 different but interconnectable sectors: senior education (UCLM, SP), Digital competences (E-Senior, FR), Eu Participatory Democracy (Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa, IT).  After collecting their best practices, the partners worked together on a final deliverable, an E-Book where they give tips and tricks about how to support senior 50+ to actively take part at EU level, by integrating seniors digital education with E-Participation.

 There is a lack of participation in EU, especially of Senior citizens facing economic and geographical obstacles, as they have less access to information, trainings, Info Days, tools, ecc.... On the other hand, seniors would like to have their say, they need to be heard but they don't know how to do so. One effective way is to use the existing European Participatory Democracy Tools (EU Elections, Consultations, Citizens' Initiatives, Citizens' Dialogue, Petitions, ....); but they can be accessed and practiced only if the user has basic digital skills, as they are mostly online. 

 The main aim of ESCAPE was to define an Educational Methodology to support the seniors in taking actively part to the construction of the Future of Europe. Each partner took care of one aspect of this process, adult education, digital skills and E-Participation and, thanks to the 4 LTTAs, they co-designed a new Approach to Seniors Education. During the 24 months project, there were organized 3 International meetings + 4 Learning/Training activities + local educational workshops. 22 direct participants (Staff members, educators and trainers) attended the planned meetings and a total of 180 seniors participated in the field experimentation of the ESCAPE Approach, in each of the 3 partner Countries.

 The final project main result (the E-Book) is now available online and freely downloadable from the ESCAPE website, EPALE and SALTO and from the project Facebook page, so as to allow other practitioners  to use and replicate it, after eventually adapt it to their local context and seniors' needs.More digitally active citizens in EU brings not only benefits to the communities where they live, but also to the European Union itself, as they can actively contribute to the construction of the Future of Europe.

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Evangelista Leuzzi & Iulia Gabriela Badea (Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa Associazione Culturale, IT)
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