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Digital Transformation Learning Tool for SME

Digitale Transformation.
The digital transformation of the economy brings new personal challenges with it. There is a need for decision makers and employees who have a fundamental understanding of the potential of digital applications and who are able to moderate a process of change in their companies. The project "Digitalisation - Strategy Development Tool for the Digitalisation of SME" makes a tangible contribution towards this with the development of a self-learning tool for these challenges that is freely available online and that can be used directly at the workplace.

Two products were developed in the project "Digitalisation - Strategy Development Tool for the Digitalisation of SME":

  1. Digital transformation process model
  2. Digital transformation learning tool

The digital transformation process model shows in an understandable way how the process of digitalisation in an SME can be systematically advanced, one step at a time. This forms the theoretical foundation of the digital transformation learning tool.

The digital transformation learning tool offers practical analytical, learning and planning materials for the digital transformation of companies and the ongoing development of business models. These materials can be used directly on the job by learners (work-based learning approach).

The digital transformation learning tool consists of the following components:

  1. Quick check: the quick check tool gives learners a first impression of their company’s current position.
  2. Driving forces that change the world: with the help of short learning modules, learners can unlock the most important technological developments for themselves, e.g. big data, artificial intelligence, or cybersecurity.
  3. Digital transformation – step-by-step instructions: learners are led systematically through the process of developing a strategy for the digital transformation of their company. This is done with the help of short learning modules and worksheets. In addition to this, a prioritisation tool has been specially developed to support the users as they implement their own digital transformation.

The two project products are available free of charge online and do not require a login. They have been structured in a user-friendly way, edited to be easily understandable, and tailored to the needs of the target group, in particular SME in the business services sector. The process model is available in English and the learning tool in Bulgarian, German, English, Italian and Greek. They can be accessed here.

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Sarah Duttenhöfer
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