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Careers Wales – Job Matching Quiz

A job matching quiz for adults is provided on the Careers Wales website. The quiz asks the user questions that then matches them to over 700 different types of job, as well as providing them with career opportunities that are specifically suited to them. Explanations for matches are also given, so users have complete clarity as to why certain job types and career advice are given.


Users can also search for different higher education courses delivered across the UK to enable them to build further skills and move into industries they are interested in working in. The quiz also links up with live job vacancies, enabling users to apply for real positions once they have considered their options.


Careers Wales recognises that choosing a career path is a big decision for all citizens and enabling them to access the right information that will guide them to the right path is essential. Career development affects everything from level of wage or salary to where you will have to live in the future. Careers Wales aims to ensure that everyone is informed about career opportunities, empowering the workforce of today and tomorrow.


The jobs matching quiz will be of use to anyone living and working in Wales, although people from the rest of the UK may also find it of use. There is also a jobs quiz for young people.



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