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How to motivate inmates for learning

Adult education is based on a variety of theories, and there are many tools and technologies available to educate and motivate different groups of learners. However, for some social groups, such as prisoners, there is still a lack of scientific or methodological material. For this reason, professionals from four European countries, mainly andragogues, working in the education of prisoners sector, have prepared a guidebook to increase motivation of prisoners to learn.

The guidebook was produced during two years of cooperation of four organizations in order to develop a tool for investigating motivation of inmates, conducting research, summarizing  results. In addition to this a methodology for motivation to learn was developed or adapted. This publication should help andragogues in different countries to get to know inmates better with the help of their motivation or even lack of motivation, to learn and to choose the best teaching and learning strategy, tools, technology.

The guidebook was developed as part of the "Erasmus+" Action 2 (KA204) Strategic Partnership for Adult Education "InnOvative WAys for Motivating Prisoners for Learning" (IOWA) (Project No. 2017-1-LT01-KA204-035225).

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ISBN 978-609-95885-1-3
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Rafael Alcaide Arco, Dulce N. Arranz Vazquez, Anna Storvik Aspnes, Veronika Bekerienė, Lieve Decoster, Rasa Dumčiūtė, Ana Ferrando, Zulfija Guzienė, Maria Hansen, Gert Hurkmans, Ludmila Knudsen, Lise Olafsan Løndal, Juan Jose Lopez-Chirveches Gimenez,
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