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The Promised Land - Intercultural Learning with Refugees and Migrants project ebook

THE PROMISED LAND, a cross-sectoral project funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union, has released an e-book. The project brought together partners from the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Turkey. The book explores the context of migration in Europe, and looks at the role of culture, education and business in responding to the arrival of new citizens. The experience of refugees coming to Europe and Turkey is also explored and thought-provoking witness accounts are provided. 

‘My father had been a manager in factories, but now he became an old man without the Turkish language.’Bushra Ali, a refugee from Menbji, Syria 

Following a meeting that discussed the concept of culture and mass migration in Brussels and the creation of two reports on the topic, a partnership was formed to answer the many questions that the reports were unable to answer. The political struggles currently faced in Europe and the rise in racist viewpoints within both political and public circles is covered in the foreword, while also maintaining a sense of hope that such a project can provide. 

‘Hope appears when everything seems hopeless.’Michael Walling, Artistic Director, Border Crossings 

The e-book is split into chapters:

  1. Discusses the contexts of refugee, migrant and asylum seeker presence in the partner countries
  2. Covers the disciplines and explores the role of the media in pushing negative attitudes towards migration and considers cultural hubs such as theatres and museums a positive influence
  3. Examines the educational resources that were created over the project’s two-year running period and the methodologies that contributed to their creation
  4. Provides real life stories of refugees, many of whom have used their experiences to make a positive impact on the world through starting charities, as well as providing extracts from poems and prose written by refugees
  5. Delivers policy recommendations that aim to improve the refugee and migrant experience 

‘I believe the world is going to change.’Extract from Awa’s ‘I believe’ poem 

Please view the ebook on Google Chrome, as Internet Explorer experiences loading issues.


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Michael Walling & Efe Efeoğlu (Editors)
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