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This vocational counselling methodology is based on the careful analysis of thedynamic of European labour market and also on the trend of population aging process inItaly, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Romania.The counselling program that is presented in this methodology has as a central goalto make operational the functional remaining potential of older workers 55+ in order tomaintain their employability.The principles which are on the bases of this counselling program are:1. Each older worker is unique.2. Each older worker has his/her own potential. In spite of organic involution/degradation each older worker 55+ has a remaining functional potential that has to bevalorised.3. The sanogenesis principle. Only through activities, an older worker 55+preventsorganic degradation and social segregation.4. The social utility of each older worker 55+. Each older worker 55+ can and mustplay a role in social and community’ life5. Each older worker 55+ has to benefit from all the human rights.6. Each older worker 55+ has to benefit from integrated services programprovided for remaining in the labour field.7. Each older worker 55+has to be considerate an active part of the integratedservices program realized in order to maintain him on labour market.

At the end of the training program, each older worker 55+ will be able to: know about elements that determine setting career goals from the perspective ofbeing an older worker 55+; reveal his/her status of job from current perspectives and from his/her futureperspectives; reveal the areas that an elderly worker 55+ based on his/ her experience candeveloped; self-project in future; develop objective criteria in assessing the transitional period to retirement; do an honest analysis of personal resources in order to plan new activities; develop objective manners to set personal goals for personal development; practice a constructive communication, playing a number of roles; foster communication and cooperation between persons in order to achieve acommon increase of functioning of decision making skills increase time management skills: increase negotiation skills in a work situation; increase cooperation in intercultural environments, defeating prejudices that are inwork groups develop the mentoring skills make an entrepreneurial plan develop entrepreneurial skills increase self-esteem increase the level of well-being level

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Partnership of Erasmus+ BeOLD project
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