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Scottish Funding Council provide guidance on funding for upskilling 2019-2020

The Scottish Funding Council has provided guidance on funding for upskilling in 2019-2020. The funding aims to help universities and colleges provide better support to learners who are looking to gain new skills to facilitate a change in career, as well as ensure the nation is well-equipped to face economic challenges that require multi-skilled workers. It is intended that some of the funding will support the development of new materials and short courses, although some of a university’s existing materials may also form part of the provision.


The resource provides guidance on many aspects of upskilling, including developing a delivery plan, aiming the new provision at those planning to change careers, linking upskilling to existing interventions and considering the correct approach to accreditation.


Some specific sections covered in the paper include:

  • Policy drivers
  • Aim/purpose of funding
  • Delivery of activity
  • Course/provision eligibility parameters
  • Course/curriculum development
  • Funding allocations
  • Monitoring use of funds / reporting to SFC
  • Teaching subject prices


The guidance document is relatively short and easy to digest. Those who will benefit most from using the resource include university / college heads and education leaders, senior university / college staff and those who work in further or higher education financial and funding teams. 


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Reference number: SFC/GD/15/2019
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Scottish Funding Council
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