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UHI Perth College – Physical Activity in Care Homes Student Project

Higher National Diploma (HND) Fitness, Health and Exercise students from Perth College, which forms one of 13 campuses of the University of the Highlands and Islands, took part in a 12-week programme that aimed to get older generations moving again. They have created a useful poster demonstrating the work they have done, which can be used by others to better understand the benefits of and approaches to physical activity with older persons. Not only did older persons become more involved with exercise, but students also learned valuable experience and many left with a desire to work with older generations in the future.

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The programme also encouraged communication and rapport between young and old generations, breaking down barriers to facilitate learning on both sides. The poster demonstrates the appreciation of older people, students and care home staff with direct quotes and inspiring imagery. 

The poster is divided into sections that explore the project objectives, describe the programme structure and benefits, summarise the essential content of the project (including the kinds of physical activities supported by the students), deliver quotes from all involved and show the national guidelines for physical activity and useful references for further reading. 

College staff and students presented the poster and other aspects of their work at the College Expo in Perth in June 2019. They discussed the programme with delegates and other exhibitors, showing the value in studying for a HND in Fitness, Health and Exercise and encouraging others to consider the course in their future studies. 

The resource is free to download on EPALE UK and will be most beneficial to anyone working with older generations with the aim of getting them moving and building their physical health. It will also be of particular interest to teachers and trainers of physical fitness who can use the information in the poster to inform their own projects and encourage a better understanding of the right approaches to working with older generations.


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