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The Hardman Directory for prisoners and those recently released

The 2019-2020 Hardman Directory is a practical guide designed to give prisoners and recently released offenders access to information about supplementary funding and other kinds of financial support. It is published and distributed by The Hardman Trust, a charity that financially supports prisoners who are serving long sentences. 

Prisoners and prison staff are able to download their free copy from The Hardman Trust website, which requires the disclosure of some basic information including name and role (whether an individual is requesting the directory, a family member or friend of a prisoner, or a member of staff). There is also an optional questionnaire, one for staff and one for prisoners, that if completed will be used to improve future directories and ensure they are useful for prisoners. 

Previous directories have received excellent reviews from staff and prisoners alike, with some describing it as ‘indispensable’ and ‘clear and concise’. It has been credited for helping prisoners start to look outside of prison and consider how they are going to move forward in life. 

The Hardman Directory 2019-2020

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