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On the way to 2020: data for vocational education. Sweden

Overall transitions and employment trends

The percentage of early leavers from education and training (7.1%) is lower in Sweden than the EU average (11.9%) and lower than the Europe 2020 average target and the national target (both set at 10%). The share of 30 to 34 year-olds who have completed tertiary-level education (48.3%) is higher than the EU average (36.8%) and exceeds the Europe average target (40%) and the national target (40-45%). A relatively small share of adults in Sweden has low-level education (16.8% compared with 24.8% in the EU). The employment rate for 20 to 64 year-olds (79.8%) and the employment rate of recent graduates (84.9%) are both higher than the corresponding EU averages (68.3% and 75.4%, respectively).

In Sweden, the NEET rate (9.9%) is much lower than in the EU (17.0%). The unemployment rate for 20 to 34 year-olds (11.3%) is also lower than the EU average (15.1%).

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