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11 Mar

“Pages” Project: creating tools to detect the key competences to prioritize in education of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve their labour–market inclusion

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Oral communication in INTED2019 (13th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference) organising by IATED to present the results achieved in the project and the products generated within it will facilitate a greater knowledge about the labor competences most valued by the business sector in the case of men and women with ASD. This identification will favor the design of professional qualification and orientation programs that promote the development of said competences, thus favoring the employability of the people who are part of the collective.

For its development an on-line survey of 36 questions has been prepared, translated into all the languages ​​in which the project is developed. The participation reached to date (07/10/2018) is 51 responses, distributed as follows: Spain 47%, Bulgaria 18%, Italy 18%, and United Kingdom 18%.

Likewise, within the framework of the project, different awareness and training actions have been developed throughout 2018 aimed at professionals and members of the business sector who, through participation in interactive workshops, have addressed in a practical and dynamic manner the needs that can present people with ASD in the workplace and the recommended strategies for its approach. To this end, the CPT (Cultural Pedagogical Theater) method, developed in Sweden, has been used, an innovative methodology for learning professional competences directly applicable to the labor situation at a European level. In total, 25 people from different countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Wales) have participated in this training.

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