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10 Oct

ALL DIGITAL Summit 2019


ALL DIGITAL is are a major European Association in the field of digital inclusion and empowerment, but also a family united by one purpose: empower Europe through digital skills. In recent years, our network has evolved and grown. New organisations have joined, and new topics are emerging. STEM (and now STEAM) skills is one of them, steadily making its way into our digital competence centres through fab labs, maker spaces, robotics, digital creativity activities. Our role is to make these technologies available to everyone, regardless of their social and economic status, educational level, geographic location and background. At the same time, basic digital skills and digital literacy remain a top priority for us, because we know that way too many people in Europe are still unable to perform very basic operations with digital devices (43% of them, which is about 200 million people).

This is why, this year, we are addressing these two topics together. On Day 1 we will look into ground-breaking forward-looking ways to turn digital competence centres into STEAM hubs supporting everyone to develop high-end skills, while on Day 2 we will remind ourselves that our job to ensure basic digital literacy for everyone is far from done.

View of Bologna with the ALL DIGITAL Summit logo and dates


Participants will explore, share and learn:

  • how coding and peer-to-peer learning foster digital AND social inclusion;
  • how non-formal training providers can support schools and teachers in coding and STEM;
  • what is the role of digital competence centres in STE(A)M
  • how technology and STEAM skills can support real-world problem-solving;
  • how we can close the gender gap in STE(A)M;
  • what does the “A” in STEAM represent;
  • and finally, how we can foster basic digital literacy in new ways, with new tools so that everyone can benefit from the digital transformation.

We will discuss the role of informal training providers in digital and STEAM skills and how digital competence centres can work together with education and training institutions, teachers, public authorities, business, policy makers, social inclusion actors, cultural organisations, other civil society organisations and learners themselves to create bridges between all these sectors.

The delegates will explore and share these new approaches in a variety of discussion groups, workshops, and plenary sessions.

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ALL DIGITAL and ART-ER in collaboration with Lai-momo, Open Group, and Emilia-Romagna Digital Agenda
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100 - 200
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