Hier vindt u belangrijke evenementen in de volwasseneneducatie, zoals conferenties en cursussen in heel Europa gericht op mensen die werken in de volwasseneneducatie. 

We kijken ernaar uit van u te horen. De komende maanden krijgt u de mogelijkheid uw eigen evenementen toe te voegen en de aandacht te trekken van lezers in heel Europa.

Hoe gebruikt u de kalender?

Met behulp van de kalender kunt u zoeken naar specifieke gebeurtenissen of zoeken op land, taal, datum, doelgroep en het type evenement dat u wilt bezoeken.  Klik op het kalenderitem om alle informatie over het evenement te weten te komen.

Zoals steeds zijn wij geïnteresseerd in uw mening. Als u vragen of suggesties heeft over de kalender, neem dan contact met ons op via de EPALE-helpdesk of via Twitter op @EPALE_EU.

Let op: De evenementen die worden weergegeven in de kalender worden niet ondersteund door de Europese Commissie. Het is raadzaam om nader te bekijken of een evenement voldoet aan uw behoeften. De Europese Commissie kan niet verantwoordelijk worden gehouden voor eventuele annuleringen van de evenementen genoemd in de EPALE-kalender. Gebruikers wordt aangeraden om de individuele websites van het evenement regelmatig te controleren op wijzigingen.

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28 jan

Transformación digital de tu centro


Curso de formación para aprender a diseñar un plan de transformación digital para tu centro educativo

24 feb

Exploring Systems with Visual Tools

Remote Event
Join us to explore the importance of of visual thinking and systems thinking through theory and practice of tools! About this event What to Expect In...
7 mrt
It is widely recognized that Emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. Emotional Intelligence inherently includes some essential skills, the most important of which are emotional awareness and the abilities to harness and manage emotions. The concept of EI has been embraced by many educators and educational institutions, in the last 20 years, in the form of programmes and modules focusing on ‘social & emotional learning’ (SEL) skills. It is worth mentioning that many US states have introduced SEL learning as mandatory in the curriculum. In 2002 UNESCO has initiated a worldwide initiative to promote SEL, emphasizing on the importance of someone mastering these essential skills for living. ‘Emotional Intelligence: identify, harness & manage emotions’ equips the participants with knowledge related to the ten basic principles for implementing SEL in educational settings as well as practical tools for managing emotions, recognize others’ emotions and understand the relationship between thoughts and emotions. Moreover, the participants will be hugely benefited by in depth knowledge of classroom related SEL skills, such as listening and talking in ways that resolve conflicts instead of escalating them. This is a masterclass course for school principals, teachers, educators, trainers, business managers & parents.
11 apr

Handling stress and avoiding burn out

In today’s hectic, demanding and stress-filled world, we are called to find creative solutions to complex problems in our professional and personal lives. We face situations that can cause our stress levels to increase. From tense interactions at work, to worry over children and partners, there are endless provoking events that can bring us out of balance. Doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illnesses. The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has indicated that Health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress. Low levels of stress can actually increase productivity and efficiency-think of that burst of energy that helps carry you through to meet a deadline or finish a big project. Health challenges start when we experience high levels of prolonged stress causing us to lose sleep, gain weight, get sick, experience digestive issues and feel totally out of balance. This is a master class course covering all issues relating to stress management. The course provides participants with fundamental knowledge of the nature of Stress and the consequences. Moreover the participants will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of mind-body connection learning new tools and proven practices to manage stress and find health and balance. The course covers the basic principles of emotional freedom techniques and simple yet powerful process that teaches how to transform stressful beliefs. The participants will further have the opportunity to acquire in depth understanding not only of the theory related to the practices of meditation, yoga, breathing practices, healthy nutrition, healthy relationships, conscious communication but also how to implement these tools in everyday life in order to minimize the consequences of stress and get on the path to living a healthy stress free life.