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KA2 Back to (Net)Work | Developing a businessmodel for networking for unemployed people in cooperation with enterprises

Started by | Publisert på ons, 02/05/2020 - 16:39

The foundation Werken en Leren: the Netherlands, Middelburg, is looking for a partner.


We executed a KA2-project BACK TO (NET)WORK+  2016-2019.

The result of the cooperation between Portugal, Hungary and the Netherlands: 10 recommendations for local authorities for implemantation of netwrking activities.

Since 2017-2018 the labor-market in Europe is changing and in some sectors there is a staff shortage. The shortsages will grow!

We want to develop a strong method in a business model to bring supply and demand in the labor-market together with the partipation of companies.

With about 5 countries in south, west, east and northern europe!



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