10 reasons you need to join EPALE

The latest version of EPALE is out, and you are now able to join the central site for adult learning across Europe. Here are the 10 new features the EPALE site has, and why you need to get involved:

  1. The new calendar feature gives you access to training courses, webinars, seminars and other opportunities available across Europe.
  2. Search for courses you want to get involved in, whether that’s by theme, language or cost of attending.
  3. Gain important information on events before deciding whether to attend. You can find out the aims and objectives, size of the event and the theme before you go.
  4. Stay up to date with the adult learning community on Twitter @EPALE_EU and share our latest online content via social media, whether that’s an article or an upcoming event.
  5. Our newsroom will give you the latest information on policy developments, new initiatives, funding, news and all things adult education.
  6. We’ll be posting on our blog every Thursday, and our topics will be dedicated to important trends in the adult education sector.
  7. Got a question? We have an interactive FAQ which will show your questions and our answers. It will also have voting buttons, so you can tell us if you found the information you needed.
  8. Nearly 2000 of you responded to our survey about what you wanted to see on the EPALE site. Standby for the results – they’re coming soon!
  9. Stay in touch and keep up to date simply by signing up to our newsletter with your email here:
  10. Our new site will make searching for your education needs easy. The EPALE site now has extra pages, new content and a brand new look and feel.


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<p>Najbardziej przemawiającym do mnie argumentem, jest podpunkt drugi, ponieważ w prosty i bardzo szybki sposób mogę znaleźć interesujący mnie temat. Fakt, że sondaż dotyczący treści platformy EPALE odwiedziło niemal 2000 osób, pokazuje, że platforma cieszy się niemałą popularnością. Dobrym argumentem jest również możliwość uczestniczenia w prenumeracie drogą elektroniczną.</p>

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