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Strategic Partnership for Older People’s Inclusion into the Digital World (SPIDW)

The Strategic Partnership for Older People’s Inclusion into the Digital World (SPIDW) project was implemented in the period from 01/10/2018 to 31/12/2020 within the Erasmus + programme by seven partner organizations from Germany, Slovenia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Slovakia, which are very good aware that in the age of digitalisation, the development of ICT skills of older people has the great importance. The current pandemic situation that arose during the implementation of the project also pointed out that the education of seniors in the field of digital technologies is inevitable.

The main objectives of the project were

  • to provide training for trainers by exchanging experiences and best practices based on modern digital tools in education of older adult,
  • enable education providers and trainers to develop and strengthen their skills in international cooperation,
  • share ideas, methods and best practices for developing the skills of seniors, especially in the field of ICT,
  • to provide older people with opportunities to obtain and development of digital skills, implement successful educational activities with older people at local, regional and national level.

The direct target group of project were experts of the partners’ organisations, adult trainers, particularly for seniors, social workers but indirect benefit from results had also older people in post-professional phase of life.

Trainers from all partner organizations took part in three training activities in Germany, Slovenia (face to face) and Portugal (online) in order to improve their ICT skills and learn new digital methods and techniques, which they then passed on to their older students within the local training activities. The participants of trainings acquired competencies in the field of the City Games method, a biographical narrative method in the education of older adults, in the field of the application of SILVER blended learning, the implementation of digital storytelling and the preparation of films.

A total of 36 trainers took part in the training and 84 seniors took part in film preparation training. Within the project there were created 27 short films, including the experiences of older people from the pandemic period of COVID-19.

More detailed information about the project and the results of the project can be found at


the project website

the project Facebook page and

in the e-book Including older people into the digital world

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