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What is ECVET?The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) is a technical framework which supports the transfer, recognition and accumulation of learning outcomes. ECVET provides a set of principles and tools that facilitate the process of learner recognition, with a view to achieving a qualification. 

In ECVET, tools and templates can be used in the delivery of mobility programmes, supporting learners in getting the most out of their international experience and ensuring a better understanding of learning provisions and qualifications in other countries.

The use of ECVET principles can lead to a more beneficial mobility experience for learners and a more valuable relationship between partner organisations.

ECVET resources

Over the past 18 months, members of the UK ECVET Expert team have been busy reviewing and updating a range of ECVET materials, with simplification at the heart of their mission. Recognising the need among practitioners for materials that were easy to access and digest, simplification has been key in this process.

Factsheets were developed to provide bite-sized information on ECVET for specific user and practitioner audiences.

Video-based materials followed soon afterwards and comprised both an animated introduction to ECVET and short case study interviews in which members of the UK ECVET Community of Practice were invited to share thoughts and experiences on the use and benefits of ECVET.

The ECVET Factsheets range from everything you need to know before, during and after mobility, to Key Components of ECVET and information ECVET Experts in the UK.

Take a look at this animated video to find out more about ECVET:

tir 18.02.2020 12:31 Sara Rauste

You can also access ECVET Youtube playlist which features videos on training tips for the recognition of learning as well as testimonials from organisations who have implemented ECVET into their mobility programmes.

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