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Play2Grow! - Acquisition of Values and Skills through Music

Play2Grow! will create a set of training outputs and activities that will allow youngsters to acquire a series of Values and Skills through music, thanks to the cooperation of 5 complementary entities active in the music, training and youth field from Portugal, Spain and Italy.

In this regard, the project, which started last September 2019 and will last till August 2021, will develop a series of innovative training resources for the Youth Workers / Trainers of music schools, so that they can improve the provision of key skills and values such as respect, creativity, communication, teamwork and so on in their respective classrooms under a music-based approach.

Stay tuned to the project evolution in our Play2Grow HUB, where you can find useful resources that will increase your competences on how to implement in your classroom state of the art approaches for the acquisition of key hard and soft skills through music, and all of this supported by a virtual community of peers and learners on which you will be able to interact, test and learn from each other

For this reason, the project will make available the following Outputs:

  • A Methodology and Training Curricula for the provision and acquisition of key skills through music.
  • A Collaborative Knowledge Exchange Tool for the dynamic learning and interaction on key skills through music – Play2Grow HUB.
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