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Ecomanagement: yesterday's knowledge, tomorrow's know-how

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The ECOMANAGMENT project is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership, bringing together six partners from five European countries. All partners have real experience of working with rural communities, especially in the area of traditional skills such as dry stone construction. In addition, they have all worked in the field of training, raising public awareness, but also in actions with young people, senior citizens and experiments with the transmission of knowledge and techniques between generations. The “ECOMANAGEMENT knowledge of yesterday, know-how of tomorrow” project, seeks to bring together senior citizens who have specific, ancestral know-how; young people, in difficulty or not; citizens and local communities. The objective is to transfer knowledge between generations to restore and enhance rural heritage.

The deliverables of the ECOMANAGEMENT project can all be accessed in the EPALE resource centre:

O1 Good Practice guides - Preparation of good practice sheets 

O2 - Training/action modelling - Terms of reference for the intergenerational transfer of productive knowledge and know-how 

Terms of reference for the intergenerational transfer of productive knowledge and know-how with clarification of the needs of the target groups and development of a training framework which served as a starting point for the creation of the training modules/activities and teaching materials.

The methodological approach was based on brainstorming on the practice sheets, self-evaluation and joint identification of needs by the target audiences in each country in mixed discussion groups. 

This work was carried out jointly within the different regions of the partnership. It was designed to best meets the needs of the territories and is therefore entirely transferable or even transposable.

O3- Ethnological field surveys -  Guidelines for Phase 1 of the practical work 

The ethnological surveys covered all the territories of the partnership and aimed at the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and know-how and the involvement of seniors, (young) citizens and local actors.

They took the form of video capsules that can be viewed on the project's website.

O4- Implementation of training/activities Proposed method for implementing training/activities

The territorial guide for citizen ecomanagers is based on the collection of practical sheets on landscape and heritage enhancement, and on the guidelines for the implementation of ethnological field surveys (other tools developed within the framework of the Ecomanagement project), and prepares for the implementation of training and activities.

All materials are available free of charge and copyright-free on the project's website


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Partenaires du projet Ecomanagement
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