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ReGap – Reducing the Educational Gap for migrants and refugees in EU countries - open access b-learning courses

ReGap is an Erasmus+ project whose goal is to reduce the educational inequalities of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, through open-source e-learning courses about employment, health, social security, education, gender and justice. The courses are translated into English, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian and Macedonian, and can be used fully online or in a blended mode (with an educator in the classroom). You can discover the courses at https://edu.advenus.net/

Watch the 5-minute demo video introducing the ReGap project and explaining how to use the online platform at http://bit.do/fh5DL

The Booklet for educators is available for download at http://bit.do/fh5bx, presenting the goals and ideas behind the ReGap project, as well as the courses and their educational approach.


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REGAP team: Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (coordination); LUMSA University, Italy; Community Development Institute, Macedonia; University of Porto, Portugal
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