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Nasjonale støttetjenester - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nasjonale støttetjenester - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Agencija za predškolsko, osnovno i srednje obrazovanje


The Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education is, pursuant to related legislation, responsible for developing the common core curricula, establishing the learning standards and evaluating the achieved results in pre-primary, primary and secondary education, and further competent tasks in relation to the learning standards and evaluation of education quality as defined by specific acts and provisions. Consistent to defined vision and mission the Agency operates, as a professional institution, as an initiator and partaker of the reform processes on developing the quality education system that ensures the full development of an individual and the society.

The Agency seat is in Mostar while the two administration units are located in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

In Mostar, apart from the administration seat, there is a unit for developing the common core curricula in pre-primary, primary and secondary education while in Banja Luka there is a unit for secondary vocational education, adult education and lifelong learning with a VET information system section. In Sarajevo there is a section for analysis, statistics and IT support.

The Agency is pursuing partner relations with local and international authoritative and professional institutions in conducting the analyses, researches and in developing, disseminating and implementing the documents on creating and promoting the policy of quality education in BiH.  

Agency mission is to initiate and partake in the reform processes on developing the quality education system that ensures the full development of an individual and the society.

Agency vision is to partner with local and international authoritative and professional institutions in developing and implementing the documents that support and promote the policy of quality education in BiH and to become reaffirmed as the leading initiator in evolving a veritable society of knowledge and intellectual potency.


The project's main priorities will include presenting the EPALE platform to the adult education community in Croatia, motivating the community to participate in the EPALE platform and supporting the Central Support Service in providing quality content on the multilingual, dynamic, interactive and innovative platform.

All formal and non-formal organizations providing adult education, teachers, coaches, managers, scientists, representatives of public authorities responsible for education and employment of adults.

Our goal is that through promotion of EPALE we approach local, regional and state level stakeholders, to encourage them in taking an active role in the field of adult learning, to disseminate information on EPALE and encourage stakeholders to become registered active users of EPALE platform.

The stakeholders with whom we plan to cooperate are: organisers of adult education, professionals, development and scientific research institutions in the various social sectors, as well as NGOs.

Ministries of Education and other administrative bodies at all levels (entity, cantonal, Brcko District) responsible for education.

The ministries and other administrative bodies at all levels of government responsible for labor, employment, social policy, finance and other departments within the government sector. The social partners - trade unions, representative of the social partners, businesses and professional associations, local governments, civil society organizations.

These participants are supposed to continue the promotion of EPALE at the lower levels.

The EPALE will be promoted through various promotional activities, including regional conferences, promotional presentations, creating newsletters, promotional materials and videos, and through collaboration with key stakeholders. NSS will regularly contribute to the EPALE's content and implement activities (focus groups, workshops, joint research, online surveys) with the aim of improving and increasing both the quantity and the quality of content. NSS will also actively participate in the EPALE online community. NSS website will be updated and new content will be added. Content will be translated from Croatian to English, English to Croatian and Croatian to the main European languages, in order to promote multilingualism on the EPALE platform. NSS will cooperate with CSS and participate in activities organized by CSS. and Croatia, a Regional Conference on EPALE. (NSS Slovenia, NSS Croatia, NSS Bosnia and Herzegovina, NSS Montenegro).

At the local level, we will organise 30 events / visits to target groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are going to be visits to each canton (10 cantons) in the entity of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, visits in the entity Republic of Srpska and a visit to District Brčko. We plan that at each of these meetings we have 12 to 20 representatives of all stakeholders. 

Expected results:

1) increased number of registered users from Bosnia and Herzegovina

2) content which will contribute to the platform and encourage other users to contribute with their own work

3) the EPALE online community will be animated

4) maintenance of the EPALE NSS website

5) multilingualism on the EPALE will be supported

6) cooperation with CSS and participation in activities organized by CSS. 


Siniša Gatarić- Project Manager

Deputy Director of the Agency - Head of Regional Unit (VET Department). EPALE National coordinator. Responsible for the coordination of the EPALE activities within the APOSO (Agency for pre-primary, primary and secondary education). 



Daria Mršić -  Project Administrator

A content manager and creator of blogs, news, announcements of events and documents, as well as an interpreter of professional and other materials from the English language into the official languages of BiH and vice versa. Responsible for administrating the EPALE platform, collaboration with the project manager, monitoring of EPALE platform activities and providing support to teachers, schools and other users for the registration and use of the platform.



Biljana Popović - Administrative Officer

Senior Adviser for Implementation of State Qualification Framework and lifelong learning. Responsible for providing of a unique system of qualifications in accordance to all methods/modes of acquisition of qualifications, labor market demands, continuous education and lifelong learning. Participates in the team for the development of a lifelong learning system and its certification. Participating at the scheduled meetings with stakeholders of adult education. 



Dušan Sarajlić - Technical Support Officer

Head of Department for VET - Information System (VETIS) Department. Among other issues, in cooperation with the teams of experts, initiates and proposes programs of education, training, retraining and additional training of adults; promotes and evaluates non-formal and informal types of education; initiates the establishment of firm connections with the labor market; cooperates and exchanges information, data and materials with relevant partners.



Slavko Karan - Technical Support Officer

Planning, preparation and implementation of all activities for the execution of the project objectives. Responsible for providing support to teachers, schools and other users for the registration and use of the platform.



Dragan Pinjuh -  Technical Support and Finance Officer

Head of General, Legal and Financial Affairs of the Agency. Responsible for implementation of all legal and finance activities for the execution of the project objectives. 




Ministarstvo civilnih poslova BiH



Ministarstvo prosvjete i kulture RS



Federalno ministarstvo obrazovanja i nauke FBiH



Ministarstvo obrazovanja, nauke, kulture i sporta Unsko-sanski kanton



Ministarstvo prosvjete, znanosti, kulture i sporta Posavski kanton



Ministarstvo obrazovanja, nauke, kulture i sporta Tuzlanski kanton



Ministarstvo za obrazovanje, nauku, kulturu i sport Zeničko-Dobojski kanton



Kantonalno ministarstvo za obrazovanje, nauku, kulturu i sport Bosansko-Podrinjski kanton



Ministarstvo  obrazovanja, nauke, kulture i sporta Srednjobosanski kanton



Ministarstvo prosvjete,znanosti,kulture i sporta Hercegovačko-Neretvanski kanton



Ministarstvo obrazovanja, znanosti, kulture i sporta Zapadnohercegovački kanton



Ministarstvo obrazovanja, nauke, kulture i sporta Kanton Sarajevo



Ministarstvo znanosti, prosvjete, kulture i sporta Kanton 10



Odjeljenje za obrazovanje Brčko Distrikt



Agencija za razvoj visokog obrazovanja i osiguranje kvaliteta BiH



Centar za informiranje i priznavanje dokumenata iz oblasti visokog obrazovanja


Maja Antić, MA in International Relations and Diplomacy



Tamara Beronja, MA in English Language and Literature



Ivana Aleksić, MA in English Language and Literature



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