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Playing Participation - The Eurbanities Methods Training Handbook


EURBANITIES is a pedagogical method developed in the frame of a three year-long transnational project financed by the ERASMUS+ program between 2015 and 2018. The main objective of the project has been the realization of a game-based pedagogical curriculum for empowering civil participation in neighbourhood level development.

The Eurbanities game-based learning method is the result of a co-creation process involving 7 partners.

The co-creation process was divided into 4 main phases:

1) construction of a set of local experiences representing different situations of citizen participation in European urban neighbourhoods. 20 local experiences were analysed based on a storytelling approach. In order to ensure a general pattern for comparability of different routes and outcomes designed by the experiences, a single structure (grid) was developed for the story-telling. The stories of citizen participation are based on the description of a sequence of actions (phases) cut by turning points transforming the positions of stakeholders in a way that affects the entire development process and its outcome.

2) Based on the stories, different scenarios of participation were identified through the assessment of the initial state of affairs, the turning points within the stories, the tools of participation used by stakeholders and the overall outcome of the experience. The complex outline of these scenarios became the base of the storyboard of the game.

3) The storyboard, the characters of the game and the main dialogues were identified in the frame of a co-design process during several partner meetings. Based on these, Eurbanities game is the result of a one and a half year-long design process. 4) The construction of the Eurbanities curriculum took place parallel to the game development. The curriculum was developed following the main steps of the game. The curriculum was tested at two trainings and was improved constantly during the last year of the project.

The Eurbanities method is generally targeting all citizens willing to intervene for a positive social change in their neighbourhood.

Three modules of the learning method have been worked out targeting three different target groups:

A: Capacity building for active citizenship, targeting experienced citizens, activists and educators in non-formal education; B: Teaching civic education, targeting mainly youth educators and teachers in formal education; C: Empowering citizens in local situations: targeting all individuals with few or any knowledge background related to the specific aspects of civil participation.

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Krisztina Keresztely and Martin Barthel
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åpne pedagogiske ressurser
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