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1 Nov

Academic Symposium: Certification & Colloqium

Bamiyan City (Bamiyan province) Nili City (Daykundi province)

As last year in cooperation with the Ministry of Information & Culture of Bamiyan – the 1. SAARC Cultural Capital of 15/16 – a display of new mediative art has been prepared: BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE | neighborhood & hospitality format | زیبا هستید

This year it is synchronized with the presentation of working papers for the Academic Symposium "Trauma Pedagogy and Academic Mediation in the Field of individual Conflict Management", which was held by means of blended lecturing from December 2018 to October 2019 at two groups of participants at universities in the Afghan provinces Bamiyan and Daykundi.

The scheduled program includes:

  • certification of all 16 participants and 2 educational mediators
  • colloquium: reflection and conclusion of the Academic Symposium, suggestions for future cooperation by means of blended lecturing, introduction of the upcoming m-s-p mediative sanitation project, the last of three projects within the framework of "Ur-Mediation" 

(Reference: The final design of this Academic Symposium is based on the ICUMEDA presentation at the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst of the Kultusministerkonferenz KMK-PAD conference on 15 May 2018 in Weimar, Germany: see "Erfolgsmomente in der Förderung von Bildung")

Information (Focus Culture/Art/Exhibition), Bamiyan: S. Ahmad Hosain AHMADPOOR, Head of Ministry of Information and Culture, Bamiyan: ahmadhossainahmadpoor@gmail.com

Information (Focus Academic Symposium), Daykundi: Hussain SIRAT, Head of Ministry of Information and Culture Daykundi: hussain.sirat2014@gmail.com

Information (Focus intercultural Academic Mediation), Austria and Afghanistan: David Th Ausserhuber, Head of ICUMEDA Intercultural Mediation & Art: mediation@icumeda.org

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As planned
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Other event
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ICUMEDA Intercultural Mediation & Art: David Th Ausserhuber, Academic Mediator and Trauma Pedagogue
registered as mediator with the Austrian Ministry of Justice

(link: https://mediatoren.justiz.gv.at/mediatoren/mediatorenliste.nsf/contentByKey/VSTR-7DZNPA-DE-p?open=&ref=mn&fname=A*)
Information in Persian (Focus Culture/Art/Exhibition), Bamiyan: ahmadhossainahmadpoor@gmail.com ||

Information in Persian (Focus Academic Symposium), Daykundi: hussain.sirat2014@gmail.com ||

Information in English, German and Persian (Focus intercultural Academic Mediation), Austria and Afghanistan: mediation@icumeda.org
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Academic Mediation
Awareness of the importance of Trauma Pedagogy by means of new mediative art

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