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Mediterraneo Culinary Center is looking for partner VET mobility scheme for the Western Balkans - call for proposals - EAC/S54/2019


Mediterráneo Culinary Center, as a cooking, gastronomy, dietetics and nutrition VET school, works as a host institution within the European mobility programs. In doing so, we also cooperate in various partnerships with local authorities that offer internships in many sectors in Valencia (Spain).

At this moment, we are looking for partners to build up a proposal for the Western Balkans - call for proposals - EAC/S54/2019.

We deal with ERASMUS+ specialised training and mobility  projects in both students and adult education. The KA1 Interships are not only for chefs , waiters, tourism, food and beverage industry, hospitality and catering staff, but also for retail, IT services, hairdressers, make up and beauty, physiotherapy, health, nursing, mechanics, electricity, electronics, environment, plumbing, trade, commerce, transports, logistics, agriculture, administration, arts, automotive industry, education, social services and with other vocational training programs.

We are currently partners of European KA2  research projects, where we contribute with the generation of new didactic units and other tools in gastronomy, sustainable business in the hospitality sector, intercultural communication, language learning and the field of agriVET.

Partnership Details
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Sat, 08/01/2020 - 01:00
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