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A virtual school is looking for partners in various countries

Mibdija minn | Posted on Wed, 05/17/2017 - 17:45 is virtual school which integrates three modules on one platform.

  1. One of the most modern virtual classrooms in Europe built on the new technology WebRTC
  2. An LMS system 
  3. A module for content where each teacher can create their own video lessons and give/sell them to their students

We are looking for partners to develop the platform in the different European countries so that adults can use it for lifelong learning. We are also offering partnership to various organization which can use our platform/software as a tool for their projects. We can provide the technology in these joint projects. 

All these together create the School of the Future - a virtual school where online users and a teacher can do everything they can do in a real school. The features of the platform allows a teacher to teach any subject: computer classes, financial, personal development, languages, etc. completely interactively. The main advantage is the interactive live teaching in groups in the virtual classroom; and WebRTC as a technology also allows this to be used on tablets and smartphones.

We also have an American website – where you can see the platform in English since the main platform is in Bulgarian. We also launched in Germany with 

If you are interested, please contact me at

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