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Validation and the value of competences - Road Map 2018

The aim of Road Map 2018 is to illustrate the validation process from mapping and assessment of prior competences all the way to how these results can benefit the individual and society. The report highlights the central aspects that must be covered to facilitate a functional and smooth validation system. ​

Nordic countries are characterized by a skills-intensive working life where individuals, businesses, civil society and organizations invest time and resources in developing useful competences. The rapid development of working life means that competence requirements have to be identified and communicated at an increasing rate. Perspectives such as the individual’s lifelong learning, matching competences for labour market and the flexibility of the educational system need to be integrated.
Roadmap 2018 gives a broad perspectiveof Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) and its purpose is to provide a picture of how VPL functions. VPL does not only include the identification and assessment of competences, but also the communication of results and how they can benefit the individual and society. For this purpose, a supporting infrastructure is required, which, besides benefitting VPL, is of great importance to the educational sector and for matching skills required by the labour market.
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