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Fundacja "Instytut Badań i Innowacji w Edukacji”


Fundacja "Instytut Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji" [INBIE] promote equal educational opportunities to all social groups, and fight against social exclusion and support adult people at risk of marginalization. The target group of our non-formal education activities are youth and adults willing to develop new skills and competences that allows them to re-join the work force or search for better workplace chances. Our NGO provide projects, workshops, job shadowing, internships in Foreign Languages Teaching; Project Management; Social Media Management & Digital Marketing; Technical Writing; Coaching and ICT applied to Education and workplace. INBIE staff has experts in mentoring, work shadowing and ICT. Reports of our research have been published in EPALE, ResearchGate and Zenodo. Staff from INBIE are researchers and trainers from the local community and educational institutions from Silesia region with a common objective: to improve adult people’s social and professional life, creating new opportunities to fight against unemployment and social exclusion. Our activities are disseminated to local and regional levels through our home page [], workshops [] and conferences []. Areas of expertise: Language teaching methodology, Information and Communications Technology; Coding and Programming; Needs Analysis research; Communication and Dissemination; Sport and Cultural activities.

Organisation Details
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Organizzazzjoni tar-riċerka, grupp ta’ riflessjoni
L-organizzazzjoni governattiva nazzjonali, reġjonali jew lokali
L-għoti ta’ gwida dwar it-tagħlim u/jew il-karrieri
Fornitur tal-edukazzjoni għall-adulti
Maniġer jew sieħeb tal-proġett tal-UE
Mezz speċjalizzat fl-edukazzjoni għall-adulti
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