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KA2 projects - we are interested to be a project partner

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mibdija minn | Posted on Mon, 01/16/2017 - 17:00

Institution for adult education "Social-educational center" (SEC) is a dynamic adult training institution providing accredited training courses for social professions as well as a range of non-formal trainings in this domain. Curricula and methods are fully adjusted to trainee’s needs and existing level of knowledge.  In the last five years, we have profiled ourselves in the following sectors: social, health and educational, but also in the field of strengthening competences of persons that are searching for job. We implement self-created, publicly valid training programs for performing tasks in the field of social professions (caregiver for the elderly and infirm, provider of support for people with intellectual disabilities, a personal assistant for people with physical and sensory disabilities and work instructors for work with people with disabilities). In addition, we developed a large number of non-formal training in various fields (more than 40 developed curricula). By developing these curricula, we established excellent cooperation with institutions, NGOs, organizations that work with persons with disabilities, and elderly and infirm. With a desire to raise quality in adult education, we developed a special system of empowering and strengthening competencies of our trainers.

We would like to be partners in K2 projects that are adressed to these target groups: young unemployed persons, unemploed 40+ women, trainers in adult education, staff in social institutions, organizations and NGOs, staff in health sector, socially vulnerable categories, and other categories that want to gain new competencies.

Hereby we are looking for institutions that need partner with experience in these domains:

  • Development of curricula in adult education
  • Strenghteening competencies of proffesionals in social and health sector
  • Development of a quality in adult education through education of trainers in adult education
  • Providing new competencies to hardly employable categories

You can contact us at:

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