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Step by Step to adult education and training

Engaging in adult education is an important step in one's life. Yet, getting started is often difficult. Especially for learners who are new to a country and unfamiliar with the education system in place.

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The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth's departement of adult education has developed a step by step guide in order to assist adult learners getting through the difficult beginning. It is a multilingual and flexible tool which guides the learners through 5 crucial steps, starting from thinking about personal goals and needs, to getting their diplomas recognised and validated and finally engaging in adult education.

On the one hand, it is an easy-to-follow guide for learners which helps them to organise and structure their general learning path and to collect ideas and documents required to access education but also the job market. On the other hand, it allows education guidance providers to better match offers and demands and to get the learners on the right track more quickly. As such, the step by step guide is beneficial for the two parties, and offers a smart approach to manage offer and demand.

You can view the document by clicking the link below. It is in French and English.

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