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Erasmus+ KA2 for Adult Education - looking for a project coordinator

Mibdija minn | Posted on Fri, 03/11/2016 - 15:37

We are a Public School for Adult Education (CPIA) situated in Salerno, South Italy. Our students include both young NEETs and unemployed adults at risk of social exclusion, all requiring a strong motivation for studies and qualifications for a workplace. In our school they are involved in a vocational education and training programme in the hospitality industry but they need to fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and professional practice. Hence our idea to implement student learning and training objectives mainly in two directions: 1.  motivating work experience placements abroad in a wider cultural perspective; 2. a multi-tiered strategy of business simulation by pursuing the aims of exchanging good practices, raising awareness, and setting up contact networks. The latter points to develop an innovative teaching tool consisting in a tourism business simulation by encouraging sense of initiative and entrepreneurship on the one hand and by enhancing more competences such as cooperative learning  and team working on the other hand. According to this idea, an operating system will be built up, it will work as a multilingual platform where students will learn to run a business by planning personalized travel routes.  Such a platform would allow the achievement of transversal objectives such as knowledge and exploitation of students’ own territory, communication in foreign languages and finally it would result in a business planning  to be developed later on.  In short, we are looking for a Project Coordinator available to support our ambitions, if interested in sharing one or both of the above mentioned objectives we will be pleased to cooperate with you.


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