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TaMPADA project develops a digital tool to monitor long-term progress of disadvantaged learners


TaMPADA (“tracking and monitoring the progress of adult learners”) is a 30-month Erasmus+ project (2018-2021), which is involving five partners from five European countries (Greece, United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia). The project kicked off on the 20-21st of November 2018 in Chesterfield, UK and aims to develop an outreach mechanism for tracking and monitoring long-term outcomes of disadvantaged learners’ participation in adult education (AE).

The main output of the project - a digital assessment tool - is now available on the project website.The tool allows users to monitor learners' progress in various areas connected to wider benefits of learning: Development of self and life skills, Health and wellbeing, Employability, employment and learning, Social community and citizenship. 

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TaMPADA project consortium
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